About Us

Hanging Rock Publishing is a private partnership of two diverse personalities:

Donald S. Caviness-author, illustrator, is working on a line of children’s books. His first effort involves a clever character named Tiny Mouse who will star in several adventure stories aimed at the pre-teen age bracket.  The story lines will be not only engaging and exciting, but reflect his deep interest in science and the natural world.  Not to be forgotten will be other characters such as Louie the Chameleon who will star in a series of books for the younger set, teaching important life lessons, like sharing, manners and other key traits needed for success in life.

Donald DiCicco-editing and marketing.  While running a very successful business for over 14 years, Don has taken an interest in online marketing, advertising and copywriting. He is also responsible for editing and posting finished publications to the web.

As the partnership expands we will be exploring other avenues of interest and will seek to diversify our publications to many areas of interest and include other authors as well.

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